Polish poster research continued // Research

Stefan Norblin

Lwow (Lviv), 1928

Stefan Norblin - WilnoWilno (Vilnius), 1928


Kaidan “Kaidan”, Japan 1964. Directed by Masaki Kobayashi. – 1966

Deadlier Than the Male “Deadlier Than the Male”, UK 1966. Directed by Ralph Thomas.-1969


Three Men in the Snow“Three Men in the Snow”, Austria 1955. Directed by Kurt Hoffmann.- 1958

Rancho Texas

“Rancho Texas”, Poland 1959. Directed by Wadim Berestowski. The first Polish western! -1959 Roman Holiday “Roman Holiday”, US 1953. Directed by William Wyler. -1959


 “The Hitman”, Italy 1960. Directed by Damiano Damiani. – 1962


This is a collection of polish posters that feature block colours and hand rendered elements heavily. Many polish posters have centralised focuses with the main elements of the visual hierarchy in the centre of the image with the text being also central or either side of them. The contrast between the hand-rendered elements and more traditional fonts is something I have been experimenting with in my own work, however I have been struggling with achieving the right balance between these two different aesthetics in order to create a more cohesive effect overall.

After looking at this variation of posters I have realised that in order to create a good and focused contrast between words and images they should potentially be created through different mediums to that there is a clear differentiation between the two within the visual hierarchy.


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