Poster Research

Andrzej Klimowski

Klimowski’s work is very college and multi-media based, this tactility of them is something I find really visually appealing since it creates a very hand-rendered image aesthetic, his compositions often contain a figure being manipulated with other elements of the image. Klimowski is not afraid to be bold with his experimental use of negative space and ‘misplaced’ elements. This attitude is something I want to be able to apply to my own poster making

Pablo Amargo

Pablo Amargo’s use of colour is what first interested me about his work since his colour palettes are often fairly limited in colour variation. This ability to create interesting and thought-provoking images with very limited different tones. Although much of his work is created digitally his aesthetic creates the effect of traditionally printing because of these limited colour choices yet his work still remains very clean and eye-catching due to the bold block colours within interesting shapes and elements.

Tadeusz Gronowski

Tadeusz Gronowski’s work is part of the original Polish graphic poster movement. His pieces often contain very experimental elements of composition with white often being a v


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