Gouache experimentation // Encounter

After my initial response to the ‘Bolt in the brown’ article was to start exploring the city and urbanisation aspect of pollution and its effects. However, I soon found that this imagery became very stale and not terribly thought-provoking. So I wanted to start looking at making people think about the relationship between Great Britain and the balance of the urban and rural areas, for example, Londons ever-growing population has actually started expanding into more rural and scenic areas of Britain, however this expanse into greener areas could be having an effect on the weather there. Here I was experimenting with gouache and looking at how I could present this without using words. I decided to start mapping out the major cities within Great Britain, I then looked at where there are vast amounts of countrysides. In retrospect I think that the image works better without the green background present, however, I would like to experiment more by manipulating the marks of the background a bit more to create more of a sense of personalisation instead of just copying the outline. However I do think the decision to use gouache as the medium really helps to add a sense of tactility to the elements however I think this also adds to the issue with the green since it doesn’t entirely contrast so therefore the elements nearly blend into the background.


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