Marion Deuchars // Resarch


Marion Deuchars is a British illustrator who specializes in advertising and publishing illustration.  Her work is incredibly well recognised due to her use of hand-rendered type and use of typography. Much of her work seems to be ink based with a huge sense of tactility within her work.

I think the reason her work is so engaging is due to the fact that because of it’s hand-rendered aesthetic people can relate to and appreciate it more because they understand the labour that has been put into it, rather than just being presented with imagery that has been created digitality because often an audience doesn’t appreciate the process that has taken place. Often her work is combined with photography and different mediums, the use of hand-rendered typography over these technical images and her use of negative space means that your eyes aren’t completely over-saturated with words and images within small spaces.

From her work, I think her use of often a limited colour pallete or black,white, red and another colour means that the images over-all look incredibly minimal despite often being incredibly mark-making based and expressive marks.


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