Ceri Amphlett // Resarch



Ceri Amphlett is a British illustrator whose work has been featured in The Guardian, The Poetry Society, Marine Conservation Society and within the BBC. Her work features a lot of tactile methods, with ink and watercolours seeming to be the most dominant uses. Her work utilises a hand-rendered aesthetic with often quite a  muted colour palette with her line work mainly in black and whites. Often her work includes a lot of expressive and abstract mark makings and dream-like figures.

Although to many I’m sure her work looks incredibly rushed and unfinished, her use of traditional media shows the careful considerations in her mark-making and uses of negative spaces showing that although she often covers topics and subjects that are quite emotional and delicate without being too intrusive into the subject. What makes her work stand out is her incredible composition style, she’s not afraid to dominate an image with a singular element even if that means cutting off smaller parts of those elements.

She’s not afraid to let her work appear childlike and naive that I think that is the reason that it works so well and effectively in editorial and publishing contexts.


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