Visual Editor // 29.09.17


On the 29th of September, the year as a whole was given the task to create a visual narrative out of a group of photos Amelia presented to us, Initially, in the session, I created this incredibly linear narrative that was incredibly static, I was becoming frustrated with this narrative and decided to swap to a non-linear narrative that merely took elements from some of the photos that I thought were the most poignant . I decided to move onto a bigger scale, so this image here is in fact scanned in multiple times due to it not fitting in the scanner in whole. I think the elements being present within human figures gives an element of eerieness because normally the humans are present within the landscapes rather than the other way around.

By sticking to a very limited palette of black ink, yellow acrylic paint and white acrylic paint, it has created a sense of nighttime and the stark tree silhouettes create a sense of time of year. The limited palette and stark use of negative space are what I think to make this piece really work in my opinion, these limited other agents let the non-linear narrative provoke the viewer and make up their own story instead of showing them step by step.


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