Summer Research Project

Over the course of the summer I have decided to explore and research spaces without humanity and technology, i wanted to do this with the objective of improving on my draftsman ship and develop my personal visual language. After the feedback at the end of last year I have tried to create more context for creating. I started off by rough story boarding a potential short book about a young girl obsessed with her phone trying to escape the city and technology, running into the forest and realising this is where she feels most comfortable and at ease. storyboarding.jpgIn the short narrative I wanted to keep the pace interesting so created a mixture of close up, first person and far out compositions. Initially I started working with my preferred traditional media of gouache, watercolour, pen and ink. However I found myself quickly getting frustrated with my lack of references.


With the combination of gouache and watercolours I find myself trying to be too precise and losing my initial organic movements for fear of colours spreading and becoming murky. I am going to try a new approach and potentially try using digital media in order to get the cleaner crisper lines that I first imagined.


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