End of Year Field Reflection

This year I took part in the field modules Circle Line: Experimental Documentary and Magical Objects. These two field modules encouraged me to expand more on my wider material practices which is something I really wanted to focus on and explore this year.

Circle Line

Circle Line was a video and animation based project which encouraged me to explore more abstract ideas and perspectives on creating. We worked within groups of around 4 or 5 and were encouraged to think outside our given disciplines to combine ideas into a final abstract outcome. For a lot of the process, the group had harmony in making choices and much of the angst came from collaborating with other groups within the module when compiling the work for presentation.

   We were encouraged to make links between Insole Court in Llandaff and The Brecon Mountain Railway in Merthyr Tydfil and their joint pasts and abstract them. We took a trip to Brecon and recorded material on phones, GoPros and Video Cameras, our group decided to focus on texture and movement for our film since we felt this was the full extent of abstraction whilst still using the raw images. We combined with music students from The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, to create soundtracks to go with our experimental films who also came on the trip to Merthyr.

For the project, I also created a promotional poster image for the showing of the films we had at Insole Court with the Music students we teamed up with to create the soundtracks for our films. I created the image on Procreate on my iPad with input from Chris Glynn for composition and what information was needed on it.

This field module was incredibly useful in giving me the confidence to be more active in group projects and gaining satisfaction from being someone that wasn’t asking the questions in meetings but instead being someone that was answering them.

Final experimental doc. without soundtrack

Magical Objects

Within the Magical Objects project, we were encouraged to explore 3D based mediums with the focus of magical objects within history and culture. We started the project by diving headfirst into creating 3D pieces in cardboard from observational sketches of James Green’s collection of masks. Being able to see these pieces up close gave us a lot of inspiration for many of us hadn’t encountered masks up close.

The next part of the project was a group of us going on a research trip to Berlin to attend museums and galleries, I decided to link my masks and magical objects to my present subject topic of Men’s Mental Health and raising awareness, since this is contemporary subject I found a lot more inspiration in the contemporary art galleries and especially the Zine shops in Berlin. Whilst in Berlin I found myself really inspired by my surroundings and it gave me a lot of ideas for the rest of the project. For the rest of the project, I created masks based on clowns and hidden emotions within modern men and exploring raising awareness of the issue.

Being able to link my Field project with my subject work gave me a lot of confidence with continuing the work once the field module was finished and I think helped me create a cohesive body of work to finish the year off.


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