Wendy McNaughton// Research


Wendy MacNaughton is an American illustrator whose work varies from visual journalism to commercial commissions, with her main mediums being watercolour and pen. Her work is centred on telling other people’s stories and portraying undiscovered tales.

The relationship between the stark white background and watercolours is what I believe in making MacNaughtons work look incredibly professional and finished. Her composition and perspective is either flat images or main foreground with small elements in a background, with short, broken pen strokes creating a sense of urgency in a static format much like the work of other reportage illustrators however her work is more based on the visual journalism aspect of reportage illustration instead of the journey aspect of it.

Much of her commercial work has a sense of satire injected with the handwritten text in the pieces, I think that this skill to present a beautiful image on first glance with a humour explanation on exploration is what makes her work truly unique in the world of reportage illustration.


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