Lizzy Stewart // Research

Lizzy Stewart is a British illustrator based in London, her ‘reportage’ illustration consists of pieces that she produces on short trips around the world. Much of her work is created through pencil sketches, watercolour and ink, the mediums typical of reportage illustration, however, there is a different atmosphere in Stewart’s work. Her work doesn’t over complicate what she sees in front of her trying to make the compositions aesthetically pleasing on the page instead it’s almost like she works her way through systematically which in turn gives the pages their own individual meanings whilst she is on location. She allocates each place she goes it’s own selective pallet in a way and this coheres the pieces she creates whilst she is there reflecting the atmosphere she is surrounded by.

The work that she produces whilst travelling is a lot more minimalistic that the work that she produces in her studio in London, however, there is a clear relationship between the line and colour work throughout with the varied hand rendered textures. This ability to stay true to the hand rendered nature of her work is something I really admire in Stewart’s work and is something I hope to maintain in my own work as I develop in the coming years.


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