Degree show review – 2017

A selection from the illustration degree show 2017

This is a selection of the work that really caught my eyes in the illustration category in the degree show this year, a lot of the work I was drawn to was the work with bigger imagery on the walls. I lot of the work was most inspired by were the pieces that looked incredibly hand rendered and have a really considered composition in their designated area e.g not having the space too crowded but selecting strong work which speaks for itself. Having work open to the viewer immediately is something I believe to be crucial when work is in a larger context such as a show in order to gain attention instead of people being too lazy to view it. All though a lot of the 3D work in the show was also incredibly the two-dimensional work is what grabbed my attention and I think this is a reflection of my preferences throughout my own practice as well.

A Selection from the rest of the degree show

This is a selection from the rest of the degree show that I was really inspired by. A lot of the pieces that I was drawn to were either 3D and had an interesting layout in their space or 2D work that had lots of different elements combined into an almost series. A lot of the shows that I was drawn to had incredibly detailed pieces, and this is something that I am drawn to especially in my own work. A lot of the work I was drawn to had quite limited palettes and but I think that they stood out well against the plain white walls and the limited palettes made the pieces look incredibly professional showing an ability to be selective.

Overall seeing the degree show has made me incredibly excited to present my own work in the spaces this year and also next.


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