David Taylor // Research

David Taylor is a contemporary British artist who specialises in landscape painting.His work is mainly oil paint based. His work is very atmospheric with a strong focus on the sky and sunlight in relation to the land.  Much like most landscape artists, his work follows the traditional balance with the sky dominating two-thirds of the images. His work has a strong sense of raw brush strokes representing the land and sea.

A  lot of his work uses light sources to highlight certain colours within landscapes e.g red within hilltops or green within a seascape in the foreground. A lot of his work mimics the haze that I personally associate with the nostalgia of remembering a memory especially in the elements with very raw paint work barely touched by tools often adding to the atmosphere.

The contrasts between the lights and darks within his images add to the depth and creates a strong sense of time of day e.g a mainly dark image with small elements of light implies to me a later time of day such as dusk. The quality of trusting his brush strokes and not overworking them is something I want to be able to use in my own work in order to create a more naturalistic aesthetic.


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