Summer Project Open Brief – Places

For this project, we have been given the chance to explore our own open briefs.

Title; Places

Starting point; Carrying on from the observation project from the Easter holiday, but taking into my own focus

Aims and Objectives; Become more confident in practising observational and more focused drawing, become more confident in my own draftsmanship qualities.

Research; Conduct my own first-hand research of landscapes and draw inspiration from there, look at reportage illustration and explore the notion of journeys. 

Material processes;  Pencil sketches, ink, watercolour and gouache 

Potential influences; George Butlers, Lizzy Steward, Anna Cattarmole

Structure; Produce a body of work, 2 small books of developmental work and 2 A4 ‘final pieces’

During this project, I hope to become more confident in my own abilities to make judgements of design and editing. I also hope to become more aware of contemporary illustrators and their influences on their practices.


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