Places; Developmental sketchbook work

Selection of images from developmental work

This is a selection of my developmental work from my project ‘Places’ for the summer term open brief. For this project, I have chosen to produce a body of work loosely based on ‘Reportage Illustration’ I have been creating pieces based from life and from my own past photography. I have chosen to look at the world without humans and how as a society our lives are so bombarded with others that we forget to appreciate the world around us. I have been mainly focusing on using pen and ink, occasionally using watercolour since these are mediums largely used by reportage illustrators.

Much like the life drawing project of the Easter holiday I have already seen an improvement of my work in a short amount of time. I have really been enjoying using different mediums and combining them in singular images, this is something I hope to expand as this project develops and hopefully develop more of my own visual language.


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