Constellation Reflective Text

During this year’s constellation sessions, I was in the group ‘Transdiciplinatry and the experimenters’, despite this not being my initial choice for the term I was excited to explore the learning processes of experimentation at a higher level. The lecture I found most relevant to my own practice was the learning about the black mountain and the experimenters. As a collective of experimental creatives, I wanted to explore how I could apply this to my own practice. The notion of transdisciplinary is something I have always tried to apply to my own practice in order not to limit myself to certain mediums and processes. Many of the theories and perspectives we were presented with were extremely theoretical and quite hard to understand let alone to apply to my own practice.

Learning through powerpoints and reading bulk texts is a learning style I am familiar with from GCSE and A-level practices, however, this became something I struggled with in this constellation module because I did not understand a lot of the theories and perspectives behind the texts that we were presented with, I would have found it a lot easier if it had been in a different format to understand this information. I and many around me struggled to understand the complex information through powerpoint and text alone, I think that this study group would have definitely benefited with more discussion within the lecturer instead of a simple powerpoint and then attempting to read a complex text.

A bulk of the study group was very complex language and I often found myself having to look up words online to gain a greater understanding to be able to put them into the context of what we were given. I would have benefited from these perspectives and theories being explained to us in a plainer English and then explore the texts of more complex language and then being able to apply it to our own practice.  I tried to engage with the information provided to us and respond to the lecturer although I found that often it was met with confusion and misunderstanding of my struggle. I attended all five out of five lectures and have found that my understanding of these topics did not increase and due to the complex language much of it has not remained in my memory.

After this module finished I was assigned to my dissertation tutor, my dissertation proposal is incredibly relevant to my tutor and I believe that this connection has enabled me to gain more research options and inputs since my topics is a very contemporary issue and after discussions with her I have been able to gain different perspectives in order to give my essay more complex ideas and approaches. I found that my learning experience when I have a  connection with a lecturer or tutor I am able to gain more productive conversations and workflow input.

I believe that my ability to research and find more relevant resources has improved within a short space of time because I have been allowed to explore a subject which I find interesting. This has given me more confidence to approach academic texts, due to a more contemporary understanding of language and presenting within resources. This greater understanding of my learning process has definitely also given me more confidence to approach academic texts and exploring different perspectives and theories. For example, I have begun looking at different types of psychology especially within childhood, being given the confidence to explore different perspectives. My dissertation subject, The effects of interaction with technology on children and how modern day creatives can approach it, is something I believe is very relevant to modern times and after conversations with my dissertation tutor is something applicable to many different generations with different variations.

In conclusion, I feel that the first section of constellation this year, ‘Transdisciplinary and the Experimenters’ with Rita Cachao in five, five-hour sessions was unproductive since I don’t think I have taken anything away due to lack of understanding and lack of communication with the lecturer. This has been my first bad experience that has affected my learning experience within the university as it was such a contrast to my experience of constellation within my first year. However, I believe that being able to research and develop my perspective on my dissertation proposal and the eventual dissertation has given me the confidence to interact with academic texts and learning again.


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