Editorial Finished Images and GIF // Subject

Finished image for editorial project 14.jpgThis is my finished editorial image for this article How to raise a creative child from the New York Times. For this article my initial images we more figure based but after speaking with Anna she felt the ‘creative sheep’ based images we more expressive and had more personality regarding the article. I initially hand rendered the outlines with ink but then decided to digitally render the colours in order to make the colours more saturated and more professional looking.

These illustrations are to accompany the Classified Nightmares also from the New York Times.

Project 2 GIF

For these illustrations, I wanted to keep the imagery very professional and sensitive to the article. I decided to keep the imagery very soft trying to replicate the dream-like state in the article. I really like the way that this illustration came out and I think it is one of my favourite pieces of work so far as it is really unlike anything I’ve done so far. Next year I  hope to explore more with paper cutting and layering on the light box as I think it is a really powerful way to narrate and explore more sensitive topics in the wider world.


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