Tamara Shopsin // Research

Tamara Shopsin is an American illustrator and Cook who has worked with publications such as The New York Times and The New Yorker. What attracted me to her work was the playful nature of it, her work often has a satirical regard to the article it’s accompanying and makes the viewer want to know more.  She has a wide range of visual languages but this naivety to her work remains which contrasts the formal format of newspaper settings. Her colour palettes lean towards a more saturated spectrum with a white background. Although a lot of her work is processed digitally there often remains a hand rendered aspect to it, be it the pen stroke quality or the colour textures, this is something I want to explore in my own work and will do so by exploring more technological processes on Photoshop and Procreate (iPad drawing software).


The initial image I saw of Tamara Shopsin’s work.

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