Bill Bragg // Research

Bill Bragg is an illustrator  who I found through the New York Times, The Year in Illustration. His work is very visually appealing with the strong use of black to contrast the mostly bright and pastel colours that he uses. Alot of his work has very interesting compositions with their always being a visual hierarchy dependant on this use of black.

This is one of the articles Bragg has illustrated for The New York Times, this was the first piece that drew me to Bragg’s work because of the relationship between the black and the bright colours. This particular article is about the issue of anti-abortion in Ireland and how real women are suffering the consequences for. The beauty of this illustration is the fact it is an implying of the article instead of a brutal image for what could be a very personal and hard hitting article. The image is very intriguing because the less emotive aspect of it and how it contrast with the article’s title, the image isn’t a direct representation and requires reading the article which in turn I think makes it very effective.


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