Photoshop workshop with Matt Leighfield // Subject

My image created in the workshop

This morning I took part in the photoshop workshop with matt leighfield, this was something I was very keen to attend since I often find myself wondering how so many contemporary illustrators give such a hand rendered aesthetic even on a computer. I already have a pretty comprehensive understanding of photoshop but due to not having used it for a couple of years I wanted to have a refresh of some methods I might’ve forgotten, especially from a graphic design perspective as this is something really relevant to contemporary illustration. Matt  walked us through several different skills such as clipping masks, perspective warping an image and applying filters to a hand rendered image in order to get a clearer outcome.

One of the most helpful aspects I learnt was to change brush size, opacity and mode in order to create a more organic feel to digital illustration. This is something I had been struggling to figure out in my own practice. Although I do not want my work to be completely digitally rendered I feel that having the knowledge of this will be able to add another dimension to my work.

Although my work from the workshop is just an accumulation on the methods we were taught  I do like the composition of the combined  elements and their relationship with each other. This idea of montaging is something I would like to explore in my own work , be it digital or hand rendered and this workshop has definitely given me an encouragement to pursue this and putting a contemporary spin on it.

My own photo montage from images of Berlin , inc. Statues from the Bode Museum, pictures of the Berlin wall and a picture from the plane window looking down onto Berlin. 

This is an experiment using my own photos from a research trip to Berlin using a few of the techniques shown in the workshop, I really like the effect of being able to overlay images on top of images as it is almost like showing a relationship between the two visuals and is more thought provoking.


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