Pecha Kucha Reflection

My Pecha Kucha

During my Pecha Kucha I discussed the new mediums that I have discovered during my two field experiences, such as Premiere Pro during Circle Line Documentary and using clay and Clay and Cardboard, since these are ways I am interested in working in in the future during my subject modules. I think that these new found mediums have really given me work another perspective.

During my Pecha Kucha I spoke about how  I struggled with the first term of field due to a lack of understanding of the given project, as did much of my peers but I think this made our outcome a lot more raw since it was pure reactive energy instead of trying to tick boxes in the module descriptor.

The second term of field was a lot easier to interpret, along with the added research trip to Berlin which I found incredibly inspiring for contemporary illustration and graphic design. This research trip really encouraged me to explore more abstract contemporary illustration with brighter colours and free-er worker.

Both of the field modules really encouraged me to just work without thinking too much about what I producing. I think that this has really inspired me to be more pro-active about my work and to just create which has made me create more for less fear of disatisfaction.

My first term constellation and my dissertation are fairly well linked, in my essay last term I explored the notion of transdisciplinary and exploration within creative education since I believe this is something greatly discouraged.

I explained that my dissertation will be focusing on exploring the relationship between young children and their interaction with technology, and how as an illustrator I can consider that for example do children’s book illustrators need to start thinking about leaning towards exploring childrens applications on devices due to a disappearing market.

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