Coco Fronsac // Research

Upon receiving my formative feedback for my second term field, I have become more aware of how I am lacking in artist and contextual research. I often find that I am finding research everywhere constantly but will always forget to take note and reflect upon what I have seen, this is definitely something I know I need to work upon and I am going to make it a priority throughout.

This is an artist Coco Fronsac, James has suggested to me within my formative feedback and it is one I am taking great inspiration from.

She takes found images and paints, draws and transforms them giving them a completely new life. Her surreal take on the images makes the mind wonder about what was really happening during the pictures. This is something I would like to explore in my own work especially relating to mens mental health and the hidden darkness.

This use of multi-media practice is something I have briefly touched on in my own work with my digital illustrations over my photographs from trips, however I would like to explore more into this practice with more physical work with found imagery and my own selection of photos.



(all images from : www. )

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