Magical Objects, Reflective Journal

Whilst choosing this module the concept of exploring my subject ideas in 3D mediums really appealed to me as this is something I haven’t brought into my own practice out of fear of the unknown. My initial hesitations gave me the concern that all of the work we would be producing would have to be of the superstitious/mythical nature and therefore be very worn out ideas not applicable to modern day life, however this hasn’t been the case and I was able to take alot of inspiration from the contemporary art during the trip to Berlin.

During this module I struggled with my frustration of having to try to understand multiple new mediums in such a short amount of time, for the most part I got to grips with methods apart from carving the magic soaps, I found that I was too harsh with my first magic soap and carved far too much in the piece to be able to keep my given idea in mind. However luckily I had multiple soaps and decided to keep my designs more simple with little carving and more drawing into the soaps instead.

as you can see the ideas are very much the same with the face and features inside, however I decided it would be better to just carve into the top instead of trying to sculpt the soap entirely.

Being given the chance to translate my thoughts into 3D has really made me think about how to explore more abstract processes and gives pieces a lot more context that previously since it is in the outside world for everyone to see and not just in a sketchbook page hidden away. In addition to this looking at more traditional and historical artistry has proved to be very significant source of inspiration with more merciless topics e.g mental health. Giving my work this context has really highlighted the need for my work to be able to develop more due to the bigger range of inspiration.

Many of the ideas that have grown from this project have inspired me to take up different mediums within my subject work for example, during this project I have decided to look a lot at continual line drawings which have in-turn started using more expressive mediums such as ink, soft pencils and charcoal. I have really enjoyed being less restrained during this pieces since I feel that it has allowed me to have a greater understanding of the moods and emotions I am trying to depict in them, for example I find myself very constrained whilst creating due to the fact I am too caught up in trying to make pieces perfect, but I think the influence of having a Fine Art practitioner leading this module has encouraged us to be more free whilst creating and this has leant to more abstract thought processes and more provoking subjects.

As an illustrator I have always struggled to step out of my comfort zone in a material sense , I will often revert back to mediums that I am comfortable but I feel that this field group has definitely encouraged me to become more experimental and step out into more contemporary methods e.g using sketching to be able to draft up pieces that i want to take into a 3D medium such as clay or cardboard.

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