Painting Clay Masks// Magical Objects// Field//Term 2

These are my painted Dan Masks, I wanted to keep the colour palette fairly limited to reflect  the limited colours  of a clowns mask. I think painting the masks has made them seem a lot more vacant looking than unpainted because it bring the shapes and lines more prominent, however I am dissatisfied with the continual line mask that I decided to add more colour too because I feel like it has lost the detail in itself and therefore loses the expressiveness . However with the clown and mime faces I am happy with the contrast of the colours, black lines and the white bases since this highlights the key features and gives the impression of the expressions I am trying to convey through them .

By rendering my work into 3D I was able to understand the shapes I was trying to convey in my 2D work better as it has given me a better understanding of the forms I was creating.


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