Collections// Subject// Project Reflection 

During this project I have intended to explore the medium of Gouache more in depth and to expand my skills in it since it’s a method I think is incredibly versitle and has many outcomes. As the project developed I became more and more comfortable with gouache however after a tutorial I decided to switch to digital processes on my iPad using a stylus, I found this has given me a lot more versatility and has encouraged me to think more about composition and layering with collage.

I have explored the idea of collection through a literal sense as a collection of physical drawings of skulls and also a collection of thoughts and reflections around skulls and their place in our society. And how we have become desensitised towards them and their origins.

I would have liked to explore the relationship of words and images more in depth and whilst improving this project for summative assessment this is definitely something I will focus on. I plan to explore wordpressing and do some more work on word placement in page composition and how font plays an important part in the role of the words e.g if they look like titles or labels etc.

Time and project management has always been something I have struggled with but I have worked on it during this project and have found that by making my work more mobile on my tablet I have felt more inclined to create and this has given me more work to collate into my final images.

During this project I have researched skulls and the various meanings behind them and how they have been used during history e.g to represent our humanity, death and vanity.. I decided to explore this these topics to remind my reader of their detachment from the image of skulls.

During this project I have enjoyed exploring mediums enough to the extent to which I feel capable of using them regularly without being afraid. I would like to experience gouache more with bigger more detailed work.

I would like to concentrate more of composing pages and layout whilst considering text and this is something that I will continue to think about whilst creating since I have realised how crucial this relationship is during this project.

If I had more time on this project I would experiment and explore with words more and expand on the words I already have present in my pages in order to create more of a cohesive  narrative throughout the pages.

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