Reflective Blog Post 1/10/16

During the first year of my time at Cardiff Met I struggled  to explore different materials, I found myself sticking to materials that I was comfortable with such as coloured pencils, coloured pens and watercolours on plain white paper. I found myself getting regularly frustrated with these materials and not being able to created the outcomes and visual languages that I was intending to.

Oliver Jeffers,Simona Ciraolo, Edel Rodriguez, Nina Cosford, Sara Barnes are all artists that have inspired me. For many of them it is their ability to create imagery that is unprocessed and rough but this aspect only adds to the aesthetic of the images instead of taking away from them. Many of these artists have inspired me to look into print and this is something I hope to work on during this upcoming academic year.

During the last academic year I spent a lot of time commuting to and from university, this was a journey that I found incredibly stimulating since a lot of the time I was able to watch the sunrise and the sunset and spent a lot of time traveling through vast countryside only visible from trains. During my summer holiday I also spent alot of time travelling around Europe, this was a great source of creative inspiration for me since it allowed me to see cities and cultures I had never experienced before.

Last year I started experimenting with paper cutting and collaging, this is something I would like to try out more during this year as well as combining with print as a method of working into images in order to add to them with detail.

I enjoy sketching from life a lot for example life drawing or drawing people in a coffee shop unaware or scenes from life.

I have found that I tend to over analyze my work as I am creating, this is something I find limits me because I will spend too much time trying to create something with an aesthetic I think is suitable even if it is not the one true to my own visual language.  I will often try to be too controlling and not loosely creative and this will reflect in my images.


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