Visual Biographies

For the final term of first year we were given the brief of creating a visual biography for a significant person during history. The person I have been given is the swedish screen writer and children’s author Astrid Lindgren, the  creator of Pippi Longstocking. I want to use this project to allow me to be more experimental with my page compositions. I also want to be able to explore more traditional mediums such a ink and nib or watercolours and ink. This project will also require me  to  research and use references more since the time period Astrid lived in was from 1907-2002 and with such a long life time fashions and material objects will need to change greatly throughout the illustrations. Within this project I would like to have a limited colour palette since I feel that it will enable the illustrations to feel more connected and more of a united body of work, since Astrid is Swedish I think that the main colours should be yellow and blue since these are the colours of the national flag and so widely recognised around the world as being associated with sweden.

fc3b6rstasida003                                   Astrid Lindgren


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