Constellation Reflective Text

The journey of constellation has been an ambitious one. I took part in the study groups ‘Visual Thinking’ and ‘Creativity and Cognitive Development’, both of these study groups have made me realise that there illustration can have much more impact than I first thought. When I first started illustration at university I thought that it was limited to book illustrations and occasional branding, but since attending constellation and university I have realised it can be a lot more broad than that.  I have discovered an entire world of abstract illustration, through regular tutorials and lectures. I have grown in confidence to use colour and explore with composition more instead of feeling constrained to black and white and un-experimental imagery. Tutors have shown me that illustration can be used to explain many things, the projects we have been set have deeper thinking and not conventional  perspectives and I believe that constellation sessions have helped me to explore these.

The majority of term two was based around the idea of future generations and the constellation study group Creativity and Cognitive development really helped me explore this topic. I decided to take the angle of encouraging children to spend less time inside on screens and exploring more. Creativity and cognitive development had a lecture about Ingold and his agency theory and how important it is to leave classrooms and experiment without constraints. I have enjoyed exploring this topic within my practice since I believe it has encouraged me to experiment with more traditional medias and more away from digital imagery. I have also collaborated with a friend from fine art to create large scale pieces with spray paint, through this collaboration I have also learnt that the same  work can be different things to different people, for example he was creating the work for the project ‘Inside Outside’ but I was creating it to encourage children to think about what else there is in life apart from the screens in front of them. By walking to university and spending an hour on the train I have had a lot more free time than I previously had in education, these times have allowed me to reflect on where I live and my relationship with it and how it influences me within

This year has encouraged me to think about illustration from a more complex perspective and to use it to encourage less screen time I think this is crucial since much of our lives has become digitalised. Next year I would like to expand more on my organisation and keeping track of my work on this blog and attend more workshops in order to expand my use of medias. I would also like to read more sociological perspectives and introduce these into my work, for example after the visual thinking lectures I started to read a lot of the writings by donna haraway a feminist writer. She offered and interesting perspective on the rise of technology and its effect on the role of females in society, she has inspired me to start thinking about creating work aimed at young females encouraging them to not worry so much about the role of social media in their lives. During the year I have also taken part in group projects, I struggled with these parts most due to the fact that often we had to cross collaborate across the school of art and design and struggled to organise meeting up.Next year I would like to focus on trying to have more callobrative projects in order to get more different use of mediums.

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