Future Generations Confrence

Scan 69

Into the Woods notes


For the start of the field module the whole school of art and design took part in a two day conference around the uni. The aim of the conference was to highlight the role of art in relation to society, economy and social justice.

I attended the lectures; Into the woods and Utopias. Into the woods was a session on the importance of trying to get children back into the outside environment and less time inside focused on screens. I found this lecture really interesting since during one of my lectures for constellation we were introduced to the idea that modern society is becoming cyborgs/more technology orientated rather than in the real world. We were told about a survey persil commissioned that found that 84% of children spend less than an hour outside playing  a day at 18% spend none at all . The Utopias lecture was about how the world is being mass designed around us and how the companies doing this are able to create the world. I felt that these two lectures corresponded quite well together since these childrens worlds are being controlled by mass corporations such as apple,  disney, instagram and snapchat.

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