Field exploration

Scan 70After the conference I wanted to continue exploring the idea of ‘What else is there’?. With technology rapidly developing the truth is that the near future generations will be able to go and explore further than humans ever have been before.  The idea of travelling into space is one that fascinates me and I want to encourage future generations to also discover it aswell.

For the second part of our field projects we were split into groups within the school of art and design and split within those groups. We were shown a video about making wales greater . My group decided to focus on a manifesto based around the idea of equality and diversity within wales. The group consisted of myself, 2 other illustration students and 2 textile students. We decided to combine our two courses and create illustrated bunting, I decided to make mine out of paper and integrate the ideas I had from the two lectures I attended during the future generations conference.

Scan 71

Scan 74

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