Cognitive development – and individual thing? Creativity an individual thing? -Creativity and Cognitive Development – 11/02/2016

In this constellation session we discussed the idea of cognitive development being different for each individual. We were introduced to the belief that development is the result of struggle and learning from mistakes, this concept is one introduced by Piaget’s theory with the example of a small child losing their belonging and them looking for it in the last place they lost it because that is where they found it last time they lost it.

We were also shown a collection of photos which were from a competition run by IKEA who turned 10 children’s drawings into plush toys. The toys were very obviously made from children’s drawings since the proportions etc were not true to life however this is what made the toys so endearing, however in the descriptions of the toys the children gave incredibly valid explanations for the toys’ appearances. For example one of the toys had extremely oversized ears which was due to the fact it made the toy better for whispering secrets to that no one else would be able to hear. These inventive reasonings were a brilliant example that children are not necessarily less intelligent than adults but that they just think differently to them and their perspective of the world develops as their cognitive skills do.

The idea that each individual develops differently is one that I should definitely be considering in my own work practice especially if I were trying to create work which is appealing to children. It’s important to not patronise them and remember that we were all once that age and that although we all live in the same world our experiences have all been different so we all react to things differently. This in turn means that our work will have different meanings to everyone who views it even if they’re not the meanings the work had to us as the creator.


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