Power and prelude

IMG_2623IMG_2591          IMG_2592IMG_2593              IMG_2594IMG_2624


We were set the task of interpreting already existing texts either ‘Silent seas’ or ‘The Man who mistook his wife for a hat’. I chose to explore ‘The man who mistook his wife for a hat’ since I felt that there was very interesting imagery and metaphors.

During this project I decided to experiment with scale and composition since I felt this was something I had not previously explored. I wanted to explore the idea of repeated imagery and the confusion that Dr P experienced daily. I chose to focus on the eyes since it was said that Dr P was very bad with keeping eye contact which is something I myself can relate to.

I used various different inks and pens to create the pieces. I decided to use very vibrant colours since I wanted to reflect the disorder and visual confusion experienced and I felt that the more intense colours attracted more attention from the eyes.

If I were completing this project again I would like to do more research since I feel like I definitely didn’t and I would’ve liked to look more into the psychological effects  behind colours and if they effect our eyes.

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