A Streetcar Named Desire – cont 

 For the continued street cat named desire brief we were set the task of creating a series of images to create an developed narrative of a selected scene, I chose to expand on the ‘rape’ scene since I personally feel this is the turning point of the play and would allow me the most interesting time periods to work with. I have chosen to stay close to the brief and have illustrated the following moments; a second before and after, an hour before and after, a year before and after and 10 years before and after, I have also added in the scene itself in but as a pure abstract colour piece since I felt this was the best way to portray the moment and how the colours and the intensity of them could reflect the immediacy in the earlier illustrations and how it became just a memory in the later ones. For the pieces I used varying different levels of hardness pencil, promarkers, brusho and water colours.

I chose to reflect on the scenes from different characters perspectives and although whilst creating the artwork for myself I thought this was an affective idea, in a group feedback session it became clear that this could potentially confuse the viewer since some of the scenes were potentially not expanded upon enough and therefore could have been from a character not intended.

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