Constellation 22/10 – Why are we here? What is concept?

Today was the first constellation lecture in ‘Visual thinking’, we were introduced to the idea of philosophy and questioning art we see.

We studied two ‘portraits’ side by side, one was a DNA sequence the other a photograph of the actress Kiera Knightly. We were asked to discuss which we thought was the ‘truer’ portrait. Many people felt that the DNA sequence was the truer picture since the photograph was liable to things like editing and make-up to change the subjects appearance, I however felt that they were somewhat equal since to the naked eye we’re not able to recognise the face within the DNA sequence but we’re able to recognise the face/character within the photograph which I feel counteracts the potential for editing etc.

I enjoyed this session because it has shown me that there are different ways of thinking about an idea and how it can be reflected within different images.


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