Words and Images – Chris Glynn

We were set the task of creating six to eight collaged images, using text and images from newspapers,magazines etc. I decided to create six A5 sized images since I felt this size paper would give me a good amount of black to space to experiment with, without being daunted by a mass of white space.

After scanning through the mediums we were given I decided that I wanted my collages to have a theme of ‘a warning’ since a lot of the articles I read through were negative in some way or another. I also decided to experiment with the idea of filling the page with a single image/piece of paper and leaving negative space.

During this exercise I enjoyed exploring different composition styles and text direction. I also went on to explore the idea of having a 3D aspect to one of the collage, with one of the elements coming out from the piece itself.

IMG_2165 IMG_2164IMG_2163IMG_2162

The second part of the brief to was an ‘illustrated conversation’, we discussed our work and drew what was said, I found this experience fairly testing since I really struggled with not just writing down words, however I stopped thinking about it so literally and just started illustrating certain words and found this a lot easier and more affective.

After the workshops we looked at other peoples work, this was really interesting since I found that alot of people had completely filled their pieces of card, something that had never occurred to be to do, after I reflected on this and have decided to try and be more open to not being afraid of filling a page/area completely.


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